6 Amazing Benefits of Jumping Higher For Your Basketball Game

Basketball is an amazing game that requires a combination of skill and athleticism to be able to dominate it.

You may have come here to learn how to jump higher but that is only one part of the equation to becoming a better basketball player…

..but it is a huge part as well.

In order to become a top player in basketball, you having a great vertical jump is not just showy, but it is very practical

With a higher jump, you will enjoy a whole range of benefits…

…You get more rebounds, more steals, you can shoot over defenders better, and you can deflate an opponent be smashing the ball in the basket emphatically.

how to jump higher for basketball

Jumping higher has a wide range of benefits…

Whether you are playing as a professional player or for recreational purposes, working on your jump and striving to learn how to jump higher is a great thing to go after.

And I’m speaking from experience here.

I’m someone who could barely touch the net (had an 18″ vertical) but now I jump higher than 95% of people I play against (now have a 35″ vertical).

In order to enjoy these amazing benefits of jumping higher in a basketball game, you need to train and work on your vertical jump.

You need to step out of your comfort zone and work to improve vertical jump over not days, not weeks, but months of hard work

This may be uncomfortable at the very beginning, but eventually, you will enjoy the results that you will reap.

If you did not know, for many NBA scouts, high vertical jumps is one of the traits that they look for in a player’s athletic repertoire

So enough babbling, I’m here to share with you 7 amazing benefits of jumping higher for basketball (or any sport) that I’ve learned from experience

Here they are:

1.) Jumping Higher Shows Your Athleticism

how to dunk and jump higher in basketball

Blake Griffin Has A Crazy Vertical…

Basketball is a game that requires speed and power in order to be on the winning side and with a great vertical jump; you will help your team achieve this.

When you improve vertical jump, you will be boosting your speed and ability to maximize your strength during a game.

There is a great difference between having great strength and being able to use it efficiently.

Being able to jump high sets you apart from the crowd and allows you to do so much more.

People want you on their team because of your greater ability to influence a game…

…If you are more athletic, you can just flat out beat other players in so many aspects.

This even helps you…

2.) Become a Better Perimeter Player

As long as you can jump higher in basketball, it means that you have an overall advantage in the game.

With your strength and agility, you will be able to drive more balls to the basket and with great speed.

In as much scoring and shooting more balls in a game of basketball appears to be great, a perimeter player is quite instrumental.

Such a player will influence the results of the game to a great extent.

When you improve vertical jump, your level of confidence seems to improve and driving to the basket becomes much easier knowing you likely won’t be blocked

Jumping higher gives you a chance to be able to attack the opponents’ rim, draw fouls and open a whole lot of possibilities for other players.

Your new-found quickness will transform your game and with the right skill training make you a lethal scorer.

But increasing your vertical jump won’t just let you score more, it will let you…

3.) Grab More Rebounds

how to get more rebounds

Getting rebounds over tall dudes sucks…unless you can jump high as f*ck

Some of the best action in basketball happens in the air.

When you jump higher, you can be able to grab more rebounds and keep your team in the lead.

If you play basketball you know the feeling…when you are only 2 down then miss your possession that could’ve tied the game because the other team gets the rebound.

It’s a sinking feeling…but imagine being on the other side of it? A lot more often

Being the primary rebounder for your team is so energizing because every shooter knows they’ll get the ball back due to your presence.

This leads to more shots by your team and more chances to score.

One of the best ways to grab rebounds is running to the front, on a fast break, of the basket.

You beat the offense to the ball and snatch the rebound before they can even get a follow-up chance.

This let’s your team dominate possession all because you worked on improving your vertical jump.

With more possession, your team can now…

4.) Dominate the Game With Movement

Most people do not train to improve vertical jump, and can be a great disadvantage.

You can easily dominate the game with explosive runs, worry defenders with your agility, and become an unstoppable scorer on the pull-up jumper.

With a great vertical comes great athletic ability and this ability to move quickly allows you to tire out your opponent since they won’t be able to move as quickly as you.

The extra effort that you are putting to jump higher will pay off during the game.

You should make this a secret weapon that you can use in advancing your basketball career because it is great.

I can tell you from experience that when I made the effort to learn how to dunk I saw an improvement in my ability to move faster and create opportunities for my team that weren’t there before.

But it doesn’t all come that easily, learning how to improve vertical jump also…

5.) Enhances Mental Toughness

how to improve vertical jump

Training is tough as f*ck, but so are you…

Your success is fully dependent on you, and as such you will be responsible for your vertical jump training.

You will pick your schedule, level of training, time to train and so on.

When you come to play the game, you will be the only person who knows the type of training that you have subjected your body to, and this will increase your mental toughness.

You will have prepared your mind and body for the rigors of gameplay.

Jumping higher for basketball is an all-round form of training.

When you train for vertical jump, it becomes inevitable to gain strength and other abilities that improve your performance.

At the end of it all, you are not afraid of new challenges; instead, you will confront all of them head-on.

In some cases, you will be proactive and create mental and physical challenges as a way of improving your game.

After learning how to improve vertical jump I feel like I can do anything now

I know this is corny but I literally learned that…

…If you stick to anything for a long time you will be successful at it

I talk about my story on other posts but I was sh*t at jumping…I could barely touch the net when I first bought the Jump Manual

Fast forward 6 months of hard work and I gained 17 Inches on my vertical jump and could jump like this

I could jump higher than 95% of people I played against and although I wasn’t the most skilled player I still would…

6.) Get More Playing Time

how to get more playing time in basketball

Don’t be these guys my friends…

Training to jump higher is a great investment if you are looking to get more playing time.

As long as you can grab more rebounds, score more, dominate more and drive more to the basket, the coach will notice your skills.

With this attention, you can be assured that you will get more playing time and you will help your team get more wins, thanks to your vertical jump increase.

Trust me, when everyone on your high-school team is doing a “lay-up line” and you smash one down…

…people just stare at you like “what”

Guess who else notices that? Coaches…

Dunking won’t give you skills like dribbling, but it can get you crazy attention.

So if you’ve been wanting to get more playing time then I suggest you keep reading below…

Get The Best Vertical Jump Training To Get All These Benefits…

the jump manual review best vertical jump training

I know you want it badly…you want to fly over the competition, dominate the boards, and show-off to your friends by dunking.

I was exactly like this and I remember the burning desire I had to learn how to dunk.

If you want to improve vertical jump, here is the perfect solution for you: The Jump Manual.

I’m cheap as hell, but I took a chance on it after getting ripped off on 3 other vertical jump training programs…

Long story short, I gained 15 Inches on my vertical jump in 5 months.

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As if that is not enough, the Jump Manual review has a meal plan that you can follow so that you can have the best results with the program.

The program is professionally made and gives you specific workouts, proper diet and the days that you need to rest, ensuring that you will always be on your best game.

There is nothing to lose since the Jump Manual comes with a money back guarantee of 2 months if it does not work.

Stop reading now.

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Jumping higher for basketball will come with so many advantages, and as such you should be committed to starting the training right away.

The earlier you start, the earlier you will get results…



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