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Best Jump Training ProgramBenyam Ephrem here…

And I created this vertical jump training blog to help others finally jump higher and dunk like they’ve always dreamed they could

After over a year of trying other dunk training programs for basketball, I finally tried the Jump Manual and I’ve never looked back.

I decided to put this site together to act as a resource for all other who are pursuing the same goal of increasing their vertical jump.

If you are looking for the best jump training program (whether you play basketball or volleyball), then check out my homepage:

==>The Vertical Jump Training Program I Recommend

If you want to know the 2 secrets to a monster vertical check out this article:

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sunny Sandhu

    Hi Im 5″10 junior in high school. I’ve been cut 2 years not because i wasn’t good because i didn’t have connection to the high school team prior high school. I’m able to get a tip of my finger on the bottom of the backboard sometimes i just wish to dunk one day and play college basketball hopefully also reach the NBA idk the cost of this so i wanted to know that

    1. bephrem Post author

      I was about your height when I started the jump manual. Of course you can dunk with the jump manual. I’d say it’s about 4-6 months away for you and then you are good. But the only stipulation I’d say is dunking won’t make you a GREAT player, it’ll make you a GOOD player. You’ll be able to fly over pretty much everyone for rebounds, but keep in mind the game of basketball is about scoring (and defense). Become a good shooter, don’t have fear to drive to the basket and SMASH past people (this was my biggest fear, I’d Google “how to drive to the basket” all the time always worrying how to do it)…you just have to do it man. Anyway, yeah, dunking is a “holy shit” skill and will warrant many stares of course haha

      1. Sunny Sandhu

        Im really considering to buy it i just wanna prove everyone wrong Im not a gifted athlete like my friend he doesn’t workout for like 1 week and hes still touching rim i skip a week i lose like 2 inchs in my vert i can touch backboard the bottom of course running off 2 legs but yeah i wanna buy and i just wanna play college im not crazy athletic so a vertical would be a great thing to have like jason kidd could dunk but wasnt the fastest gaurd

      2. Sunny Sandhu

        Plus i also saw a hump program called vert shock whats your review on that plus i wanted to ask can i increase mu vertical without weights to cause i don’t have access to weights


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