Exercises To Jump Higher: How To Build An Effective Vertical Jump Workout

If you are looking to improve your jump, there are many exercises to jump higher that you can do.

Adding powerful strength exercises with a balance of plyometric into your normal workout can help you increase your jump height substantially.

However, to get the most from your incorporation of exercises to jump higher, you should be using a vertical jump program.

A vertical jump program is designed to increase the height of your jump while maintaining the key leg muscle groups to keep you jumping for an extended period of time.

Building a vertical jump program is not a huge challenge, but if you do not know where to start it can be confusing.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Build An Effective Vertical Jump Program:

1.) Include Speed and Strength Exercises

hot to dunk and how to jump higher

Sprints are excellent for training how to jump higher

Before we start let lay this out, if you wonder how to dunk or how to jump higher here is the exact blueprint to make insane vertical gains:

Strength Training (powerful legs) + Plyometric Training (reactive legs) = CRAZY VERTICAL JUMP

That’s it.

Literally just stop there and think about what I just said…of 7 days in a week, if you train 2 days for jumping strength and 2 days for reactivity…

…in 3-6 months you will be dunking like crazy.

With that said let me get into this first tip.

Speed and strength exercises help with your jump height because you can put more power into your jump.

Sprints are killer for getting your hip-flexors engaged and overall just shredding your legs to pieces.

These exercises are designed to make your legs stronger, but not quicker meaning they are only half of the equation on how to jump higher

…and that leads me to the next point

2.) Limit Strength Exercises To Some Extent

how to jump higher for basketball and how to dunk

Jumping with dumbbells is a good way to work reactivity and strength…

Jacob Hiller from the jump manual said:

“Lifting heavy weights explosively trains your nervous system to recruit more muscles and send stronger neural signals. When you lift heavy weights and then perform a vertical jump you will “steal” some of that neural pattern and end up jumping more explosively. Rather than do a squat, I’ve found doing jump squats with heavy dumbbells to yield greater sport specific activation.”

The key is that you replicate jumping movement in your vertical jump workout instead of doing pure strength work like the traditional squat rack.

Limit pure strength workouts to 1 day a week at max when building your vertical jump workout.

This doesn’t mean never squat or do traditional exercise, but it means that you should keep a good amount of strength oriented jumping movements in your workout…

…doing all heavy lifting is actually counter productive and will hurt your vertical jump when not balanced by…

3.) Reactivity & Plyometric Exercises

agility exercises for vertical jump

Agility ladders are great for improving foot speed…

Reactive strength is crucial because it is used when the muscle contracts right before you jump.

This split second of time is the deciding factor in how much of the strength your legs can produce potentially versus what they produce actually.

This bend down motion before you jump is called countermovement.

Countermovement allows the muscle to recoil like a rubber band, so you jump higher using the same amount of energy.

Improving your reactive strength can improve your jump by up to 700% if you can generate a huge amount of power in the first .10 seconds of the jump.

This is why plyometrics and reactivity are crucial to jumping higher and numbers back it up.

We naturally use reactive movement without thinking about it all the time, whether it be bending over or avoiding people in a crowded hallway.

Examples of exercises that you can use for reactive strength are shock jumps, ankle jumps, ladder drills, and tennis ball drills.

Drills like these allow you to…

4.) Have A Variety Of Explosive/Challenging Strength Exercises

kettlebell vertical jump program

Be creative with your vertical jumping routine…

As I’ve said in other articles, having a variety of strength-infused jumping exercises is very potent in increasing your vertical to jump higher.

Adding things like dumbells jumps, box jumps with weight, and kettlebell resisted jump can be a great substitute to rotate in for pure strength days.

Although, these are not pure plyometrics they are still very good for finding that balance between strength training and plyometric training to jump higher.

I recommend that you cycle workout every 2-4 weeks to keep your legs challenged and engage all of your muscle fibers.

Once you have a basic vertical jump program assembled, you can add or switch the exercises to your liking.

There are many so many exercises to jump higher that you can pick fromso keep your mind open to anything that you think would be fun and challenging to implement.

But the key is that you understand the scaffold of this (this is the ultimate blueprint for how to dunk and how to jump higher):

If you train 4 days a week, use 1 for pure strength (heavy squats, etc.), use 1 for mixed strength (like dumbell jumps), and use 2 for mixed agility training and plyometrics (explosively jumping without weights)

Remember this?

Strength Training (powerful legs) + Plyometric Training (reactive legs) = CRAZY VERTICAL JUMP

Yep…and that’s it.

Do that for 3-6 months and you will literally fly.

The training will suck and you will get really exhausted, but it is worth it because when you can jump high people just can’t elevate like you.

You get all the rebounds like a fly eating sugar off a table.

But if you are lazy like me sometimes…

Why Build A Vertical Jump Workout Program When There Already Is A Proven One?…

the jump manual review best vertical jump training

I end like every post like this and it is getting monotonous, but there is no better vertical jump training program than The Jump Manual.

I gained 15 inches on my vertical in 5 months…

Let’s just stop there because that is insane.

If you had told my “I can’t even grab the net” self a year ago that I’d be flying like I am now I’d laugh.

I remember clearly how frustrated I was months ago because nothing worked when it came to trying to learn how to dunk and training for vertical.

I wasted months searching and hundreds of dollars on products and workouts that just didn’t The Jump Manual vertical jump trainingdeliver results.

Until I found the Jump Manual.

I had nothing to lose and note: I am cheap as hell and didn’t want to spend a single dime.

I got it and 5 months after getting it I dunked with 2 hands for the first time….

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I know that you are afraid to spend your money, I know that you don’t believe it works, I know that you don’t even believe me….

…but think about this:

  • I have a full results video here for you to see what it did for me
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I had all the doubts you have right now, but it really is that last bullet point that pushed me over to buy it.

Long story short I never used the guarantee because by month 3 I already was dunking…

…so I urge you to at least check this article out and if you are not convinced that the Jump Manual is worth it then you are not human…

..maybe you’re an alien…hmmm.

Anyway, I have to go skin my pet cat…

…good luck with the Jump Manual my friend



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