Hate Leg Day? Why It Is Crucial To Increasing Your Vertical Jump…

Fu*k leg day.

Yes, I know, we all hate it and it is the worst workout day of the week.

I remember when I first began to train vertical I loved leg day.

That was when I grabbed the Jump Manual and went from barely touching net to dunking off of alley-oops in 5 month’s time.

But here is the bottom line when it comes to intense leg days for training, it is the only and best way to increase vertical jump

When people ask “How do you increase your vertical jump” I always tell them it all comes down to your work ethic on leg day.

If you drag your feet and throw a fit about leg day it will be a hellish experience.

It’s just something you need to come to terms with and accept.

But then again people always make common mistakes when learning how to jump higher in basketball…

…here are some reasons why you should love leg day and some fixes to the common mindset you may have while learning how to make your vertical jump higher:

1.) You’ll Get Iron Strength Gains & Feel Energized

how to jump higher for basketball

One of the primary benefits of leg day is that you are going to increase your jump strength exponentially over time.

While strength is not all of the jumping equation, it is a large aspect of jumping.

Deadlifts and squats trigger the release of different hormones compared to other types of vertical jump workout exercises.

During deadlifts and squats, your arms have to grasp on the bar tightly while your core muscle are being trained to stabilize your entire weight.

There is also an adequate tension that is being placed on your chest adding to intensity..

I talk about stability in later points, but squats and deadlifts are some of the best exercises to increase vertical jump.

Leg training can also improve your overall functional strength.

It will enhance your lower back and leg strength which will keep you balanced and symmetrical which is essential to increase vertical jump. Strong legs will also improve your overall performance which will not only allow you to jump higher but also to run faster.

Strong legs will also improve your overall performance which will not only allow you to jump higher, but also run faster

…therefore the help a lot to….

2.) Improve Your Athleticism

improve balance for basketball

When you want to jump higher for basketball, the key to being athletic is powerful legs and quick feet.

Good mornings, lunges, deadlifts, front squats are some vertical jump training exercises that can improve your athleticism.

Even if they are generally focused on increasing your lower body strength, they can help in making your body more flexible that is needed in jumping higher.

The more athletic you are, the more you can do on the court whether it be dunking, getting rebounds, or darting past defenders.

And I know this from experience when I’m on the court at my local gym I get 8a0% of rebounds that come my way (unless they take an unlucky bounce).

Even if you improve vertical jump the smallest bit it can transform you into a valuable rebounder no matter your relative height.

This acute ability for athleticism and rapid movement also…

3.) Reduce the Possibility of Acquiring Injury

how to dunk for basketball

Jumping puts ridiculous amounts of stress on your knees and bones…

Your vertical jump workout’s preparation and design can spell the difference between being injured and staying within the game.

Most functional exercises such as squats and lunges will enhance the stability and the flexibility of your knee and hips…

…these are crucial for any basketball vertical jump workout because jumping stresses the hell out of your joints.

You put several times your body weight on your knees and bones during jumps so the stronger your legs are, the less chance you will get injured.

The flexibility of your knee can also help you in preventing tearing in your ACL which is possible due to the strenuous nature of jumping workouts.

Anyone who has a cartilage injury can recover pretty fast when they enhance their posterior chain.

…and good vertical jump workout or plyometric vertical jump workout will provide these benefits and…

4.) Enhance Your Balance

how to be more athletic for basketball

You can have very strong muscles, but that doesn’t mean you will have great balance.

I know some really strong people with a lot of muscle mass who can’t catch a football for their life.

Having a strong lower body strength will improve your stability and will allow you to jump higher for basketball or any sport you do.

The more stable you are, the more potential you have to direct your strength the right way to jump as powerfully as possible.

Balance is important to maintain optimum control with your body and increase vertical jump in a sustainable way

When you do weight training exercises to increase vertical jump, it is essential to avoid building useless muscle mass and maintain your flexibility.

This is essential in maximizing your vertical jump workout program’s results and so you jump higher for basketball as fast as possible

The best vertical jump training exercises balance (no pun intended) strength gains with reactivity and balance improvements…

..so you have no excuse to…

Never Miss Another Vertical Jump Training Day…

But I think the most common reason people skip leg day is because they think about it the wrong way.

They see their vertical jump workout as a means to an end: dunking and jumping higher in themselves.

But really what you are doing is building a solid body that can do more in all aspects of movement.

Don’t train vertical jump just to jump higher because as someone who can dunk I’m telling you it isn’t that special after a while

Dunking is like a layup for me now and it doesn’t interest me like it did before but what does interest me now is building my body to its max potential.

Your body is a gift and if you are lucky enough to be a 100% healthy human being with 2 arms, 2 legs, 2etc…

…then why not take advantage of it and train your body to be the best that it can be.

This mindset will give you much more results than training vertical jump just for the end goal of jumping higher

Good luck my friend…

…now go out there and build some iron buns



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