What To Eat Before & After Your Vertical Jump Training Program

Having access to optimal nutrition is necessary for every athlete, especially for when you train your legs to jump higher.

There is a huge difference between eating well and eating in order to improve your performance and result.

One is idealistic and one is practical.

While eating well in general is a nice thought, no one is perfect so you should aim to eat for results

Those who are inactive or those who participate in a light training program and those that are involved in a vertical jump training program have different needs when it comes to diet.

Those who want to know how to jump higher need to be prepared for various intense training sessions.

You will need to support your entire body with the necessary nutrients needed for your plyometric workout and strength routine…

…both of which take a huge toll on your energy level throughout the day.

Vertical Jump Supplements & “Shortcuts”

best vertical jump training supplements

There is no “shortcut” to jumping higher…

If you are training for your vertical jump, you may have heard of jumping supplements or certain “shortcuts” to jumping higher.

But let’s be real about it, there is really no such thing as a “jumping supplement”.

There is no supplement or pill that you can ingest that will help you in jumping faster, stronger and higher.

Contrary to the commercial advertisement of these supplement companies, there is no supplements that have been scientifically proven that will help you in jumping higher.

Increasing the height of your jump is basically concentrated in choosing the right set of food and putting your vertical jump training program to work for you.

I personally did the jump manual which increased my vertical jump 15 inches in 5 months.

You can check out my full jump manual review here, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to delve into the proper nutrition you need to get the most from your vertical jump training.

Powerful nutrition combined with the right training program can yield explosive results…

Foods That You Need For Your Jump Training Program

Vertical jump training is about training your power, force, and strength.

In order to improve the components needed to boost your vertical jump, you need to ensure that you are receiving the adequate amount of fuel, water, vitamins and protein.

You need to ensure that your body has enough calories to operate explosively so that you don’t tire out.

You don’t need to be a stickler about diet, but just ensure that you are fueling your body for success.


nutrition to jump higher for basketball

Protein is crucial to repair torn muscles from plyos and squats…

You need to find foods that are high source of protein, so make sure to look for lean meats such as lean beef, turkey meat, fish, and chicken.

Make sure to purchase their versions that are closest to the most natural and organic.

Fish fillet and chicken pieces are definitely more desirable compared to fish stick and chicken fingers.

Proteins are essential for building your muscle that you absolutely sherd during your vertical jump training program.

Protein also gives you extra energy for that plyometric workout that requires so much explosiveness.

Although food can’t repair your CNS (Central Nervous System) that is fried after training, it can help regain your reactivity.

A good source of protein and energy can also be nuts…

…aside from the fact that they contain a dose of healthy fats, they are also necessary for keeping your daily diet optimized and balanced.

Vitamins and Minerals

best vertical jump training programs to dunk for basketball

I used to hate fruits, but they enhance well-being in general…

A great source of minerals and vitamins would be fruits and vegetables especially the green and the leafy.

But also make sure that you will try vegetables that vary in color so you get a variety of phytochemicals to keep your body strong.

This is only an optional step and is absolutely not needed to increase your vertical, but it helps keep your body at 100%.

When I was doing The Jump Manual I gained 15 inches on my vertical jump in 5 months without fruits or greens…

…but in retrospect eating clean and healthy would have helped me get faster results.

Make sure that you will have an ample supply of apples, cauliflowers, bell pepper, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, asparagus, plum, banana, and peaches.

You can ensure that you are getting a steady supply if you are eating something fresh and crunchy.

There are also foods that you should avoid if you wonder how to jump higher.

Sweets such as doughnuts, pastries, white bread, candy, and chocolate can increase the level of your blood sugar which can affect your vertical jump performance.

All stuff to keep in mind when you are training to jump higher since every little bit you do to help your body will help increase your results ever month…

Don’t Be Too Strict On What You Eat…

I’m speaking from experience when I say eating unhealthy is not going to kill your vertical jump gains.

This is contrary to what many will tell you but guess what; I’m speaking from experience and not mere philosophy.

I’d be ignorant to say eating healthy won’t help you, but you don’t have to be a diet freak.

Just don’t eat pizza daily and stay away from frequent sweets and sodas.

Then you will be fine…

…but I personally hate talking about diet and worrying about what I eat

What If There Was A Vertical Jump Program That Handled Diet For You?….

the jump manual review best vertical jump training

Remembered how I mentioned the Jump Manual before?

Well, it actually is a vertical jump program that handles diet for you 100%.

I grabbed the Jump Manual about 1-2 years ago and I’ve never looked back…

…my 18″ vertical transformed into a 39″ vertical and I’ve slacked off these past months and it is now back down to 34″-35″.

Anyway, they promise you’ll add at least 10 Inches To Your Vertical Leap In Just 12 Weeks, GUARANTEED…

Which I can say is true for 80% of people who do it if they put the work in 

==> See How The Jump Manual Worked For A Regular Guy Like Me

I’ve tried about 2-3 other vertical jump programs and none are the same as the Jump Manual.

It involves exercises backed by years of science and research…

…it mixes strength training with explosive plyometrics so that your vertical sees massive growth fast.

I remember wanting to jump higher for basketball for so long and nothing ever worked for me.

==> I Gained 4″ On My Vertical My First Month On The Jump Manual, Read How Here

best vertical jump training

This is how you dunk for basketball…period.

I had nothing to lose when I picked up the jump manual.

All the other jump programs didn’t work and their 100% money-back guarantee made me feel better about my purchase…

…long story short – I never returned it.

And the look on people’s faces when you can dunk and they can’t is priceless.

And they always look at me quizzically and wonder how.

People will ask you “How did you do it???” and I tell them I just did The Jump Manual for 6 months…

…then the people I tell just do nothing about the fact I gave them the answer to how to dunk and jump higher

So put down that pizza you are half done eating…

…and pick up The Jump Manual 😉



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